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Through its affiliates, Associated National Cremation Service has been providing Uncomplicated, economical and dignified funerals and cremation since 1917. Throughout the United States more and more people are choosing cremation as the process for final disposition. With cremation, heat and evaporation reduce the body to its basic elements.

There are many options on planning a funeral or memorial service with cremation. One may conduct a traditional viewing with a service for their loved one, or they may wish to keep things simple with a direct cremation, or even hosting a memorial service held at a date that is  convenient to the family and their friends. There is the choice of burying the remains in a cemetery,  scattering the ashes at a favorite location where permitted, or keeping the loved one at home in an urn to continue being close at hand. These are just a few of examples that can be expressed.

Our main priority is to give families excellent service and facilitate planning a funeral for their loved one that will be dignified and memorable. We encourage families to bring in photographs and personal items that can be displayed during the visitation or memorial service. We have found that displaying these items can serve as a reminder of happy times and proudly illustrate the legacy left behind. It has also shown to be a helpful way for a family to grieve their loss.

 We understand that some people like things very traditional and some families want to do something non-traditional. Therefore, our philosophy is to let the family dictate what they want. We offer a full range of funeral services, cremation options, prepaid funeral plans, and family keepsake items.

Cremation may not be for everyone, so we offer other options such as a direct burial with a low cost casket and no embalming for those who are concerned about the environment and having a "green" burial.  A  cremation or direct burial service does not have to be any different than a traditional funeral.

Planning or pre- planning a funeral can include as much , or as little formality as one desires. The important thing is that you plan the service that suits your needs, desires, and personal preference

Associated National Cremation Service
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